Sunday, June 18, 2017

Social Butterfly

Saturday morning Emi and I hit the beach with Melissa and Scotty. The weather was perfect; very little wind and it was fairly warm. Emi had been one other time and was equally good the second time around. She was a little up to start so we set of trotting pretty quickly. She had her nice big cob trot on for a while. She was trotting so big that Scotty was cantering next to us and we were keeping up just fine. She led most of the way out and it was so fun to be cantering happily down the beach with her.  She was super about the ocean and it didn't take much convincing to get her to march into a shallow waves.

We did lots of trotting and cantering and by the time we headed back to the trailer she was getting tired. We came across a couple of kids playing in the shallow water and she made a beeline for them. It was so sweet to have her stop on her own accord to visit. Next we walked up to an older couple who was taking pictures of us. Emi marched right over to them too. Finally we encountered a few kids on the trail off the beach who asked to pet a horse. Melissa motioned to Emi and said "that's the one to pet."

It was so cute to see her being her social butterfly self out on the beach. What a terrific ambassador for welsh cobs and horses in general.



  1. I am happy for your day and terribly jealous all at the same time.

    1. We are so lucky to have beach access nearby!

  2. I'm with Teresa ^ looks like an excellent day and I'm also insanely jealous haha. Seeing pictures of people riding on the beach always makes me sad that I'm landlocked!

  3. Me too. Glad you had a great day, and really green with envy!!! It looks SO FUN!

  4. Beautiful pictures and that is so adorable that she's so friendly!!


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