Monday, October 9, 2017

Frustrating Four - Part 2

Thank you for all of the good feedback regarding my previous post. When I break it all the way down, I really can't be frustrated with Emi. I'm hoping JW will hop on her one of these days, but I'm sure she'll show me that the problem is mine and not Emi's. So here's to becoming a more effective rider. 

Emi would love it if I would become a better rider
We had a pretty good ride last night and then we went for a "trail ride" around our neighborhood. Emi has only been out there once and she was being ponied by Roz. My plan had been to pony her around for a while before turning the tables and ponying Roz from her. Clearly we didn't end up with enough time to do that. I've been trying to decide out if I should take the donkey (who walks super slow) or see if Emi would go solo. 

As it turns out she was willing to go solo and was significantly better than I expected her to be. I did jump off at one point when a dog got out of it's yard and came running for us. Emi was pretty good about it and I think we would have been fine, but I didn't want to chance it. She stopped and looked at things several times but once she was sure all was well she'd march back off again. It's in no way great trail riding but it's still a nice break from the arena and it's good for her to go exploring. 


  1. It's so great you have JW close enough to work with. A good trainer makes a huge difference. :-)

  2. There's nothing like the confidence that a solo trail ride gives.


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