Sunday, January 7, 2018

Baby Steps

You guys, I had a good ride on Emi today...the best one since our lesson at the beginning of December. I think (hope) our new game plan is working. I've been really working to praise her often and to provide treats when she does something really good. At the same time she's still getting in trouble for being negligent to my aids and I'm trying to be very aware of applying the aid and getting the appropriate response. I mentioned in my last post that walk/trot transitions have gotten better. That's still holding true and I'm actually feeling some anticipation from her, which has previously been non-existent. The trot itself has been a bit lack luster and the canter transitions have become rough again.

Sunrise this morning
I took Alli's suggestion of using the whip on her shoulder rather than her haunches and that seems promising. I'm slightly awkward with it when I'm using it there so I need to practice. Today she was sticky going in to the canter and I used the whip on her shoulder. She picked up the wrong lead so I brought her back and reorganized her. On her own she struck off onto the correct lead...again some positive tension that I haven't seen from her before (normally she would have just continued to trot with her ears back like she's annoyed). Her trot work was also quite a bit more forward today with very little effort on my part. These may be baby steps but I'll take them!

Side note: someone else mentioned having a horse who didn't like the girth they used. Although I think her girth itself is fine I'm going to experiment with tightening it one hole less. I did that today...not sure if it made the difference in our ride but I think if anything I'm inclined to over tighten a girth so it's worth a shot.
That face
Finally got her tail washed, conditioned and combed out. Yah!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you had a good, encouraging ride!

  2. Such a beautiful tail. Good for you for trying new things and seeing if it helps.

  3. Girl has got some AWESOME HAIR that's for sure! I'm glad you're seeing some progress


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