Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sneaky Left Hand

With in the last 6 weeks or so Emi and I have developed a problem tracking left. The issue is most notable on a circle at the trot. We had a lesson yesterday and I was looking forward to getting feedback on how to fix the crookedness I've been feeling. It was determined that Emi's haunches are falling in and I'm pulling her neck around in an attempt to get her aligned...which isn't working. In order to solve the problem I needed to ask her to step her haunches out with my inside leg and catch her on my outside rein. Inside leg to outside rein, who would have thought?! It was amazing how often my sneaky left hand wanted to "help." We also discussed that the same thing happens when tracking right (haunches fall left) it's just not as noticeable. We made some good progress on the issue and now I'll keep chipping away at it at home.

I was so impressed with Emi yesterday because she was quite forward from the start of our lesson. She popped right up into the trot and motored along well. This may have actually been the most easily forward she has ever been. The canter is improving a lot and is finally getting to the point where I can influence it. She's not scrambling around in it and has becoming much more balanced. Near the end of the lesson we did several canter transitions the hard way (aka left) and they are really coming along. We also took the opportunity to run though training level test 1 as we have a show coming up in a couple of weeks. I felt great about where our lesson ended and really proud of the progress we are making.

Also, this mare travels like a champ and I love it!


  1. Nice work! Sounds like you guys are in a great place this spring and ready to show!

  2. I swear she just gets cuter every week! Glad you had a nice, forward thinking pony for your lesson. I'm excited for your show season - you two are going to have so much fun!

  3. My left hand is also overly helpful so I totally can empathize!


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