Saturday, May 12, 2018


I'm super fortunate with where I live as there are many trail options. I haven't explored too many of them since the prior two barns I boarded at had trail access with in riding distance. Now that I don't have that luxury it's been fun to start looking for new trails to haul to. There are several different areas with in 20-30 minutes of my house so it really does make it easy. 

This morning Emi and I set out to explore the other side of the trail we rode a couple of weeks ago. This was a location that I hadn't been to before so I wasn't sure how the parking would be. It turns out that the parking was challenging. We arrived at the trail head before 9 so it was fairly empty. I struggled a little bit with turning around in a small area but did get it. I parked heading out and tacked Emi up pretty quickly as I had already groomed her and put her hoof boots on at home.

The trails were lovely and Emi was awesome. We did more trotting than normal and she powered right along. I can tell that her fitness is improving and enjoy the extra spark that being out on the trail gives her. We encountered several people along the way, especially the closer we got to the section of the trail I had ridden last time. Emi was good about everyone and got many compliments on being cute, being dressed fancy, and wearing a tiara (possibly her fly bonnet that has bling, I'm not sure). At one point we passed a group of 12 or so people on a narrow trail and about half way through the group she attempted to stop to chat with someone. She's so social!

Emi was huffing and puffing when we arrived back at the trail head and we stopped to let some kids pet her. She loves kids and it's always fun to watch her interact with them. Of course there were more compliments for the cute pony and after I told one of the little ones that her name was Emi he was telling everyone. So cute!

My trailer was blocked in (from behind) as the parking had really filled up in the almost 2 hours we had been riding. It left me in a bit of a pickle because I was there by myself and there wasn't any place I could tie Emi while I moved the truck forward. I seriously considered tying her to the trailer and pulling forward very slowly. She probably would have been okay, especially since she was tired. I ended up rolling the truck window down and holding her out the window as I moved forward. She was thoroughly confused but she went along with it. I'm so glad I had turned around when I arrived otherwise I think it would have been pretty easy to get really stuck. 

What in the world are we doing!? 
 Two thumbs up for the trails and a thumbs down on the parking. I'm going to scope out another access point to these trails before I take Emi again. If there isn't anything better I'll know that this is definitely one to arrive at early and also might be a good rainy day trail. 


  1. What a fun adventure! You have great trails to truck out to. Bummer on the parking and good thing you were able to move the truck with Emi's help! ;-)

  2. It's a beautiful Trailer. It's too bad that the person didn't think about where they parked!

  3. What gorgeous trails! And, haha I've done the same thing with my horses out the window before!

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