Sunday, September 30, 2018

Down Time & Barn Upgrades (phase 1)

Emi and I have both been enjoying our down time since the show. My plan for her to get a week off has stretched to almost 6. She hasn't been totally off work, but we've been riding a lot less than "normal." We are still on the struggle bus but my outlook is improving and we do have a plan moving forward. We are hopefully heading to the beach on Saturday (weather permitting) and I'm hoping to get back to a reasonable riding schedule starting this week.

In the mean time, the horse accommodations have been getting some upgrades. Phase one of the upgrades was a new barn roof! Of course, it rained three of the days that the roof was off. Luckily I think we got the hay and other items covered well enough and now we should be set for the winter. It's been fun to see the old structure coming back to life. Next summer we hope to re-side/stain it.

The loft, when the roof was off


  1. The new roof looks gorgeous! Love that style.

  2. The barn looks so good! I'm sure you and Emi will come back from this time off stronger than ever. =)

  3. Oooooh nice! That looks great! Hope your beach ride is a blast!

  4. The new roof is lovely and a change up in routine always adds a nice reprieve for ponies and people alike.

  5. The roof looks awesome!! Probably such a nice feeling its done before winter hits!!

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