Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Beach - 10.6.18 has been super busy and blogging is taking a major back seat. It doesn't help that we haven't done too many exciting things recently. However, one fun thing we did was head to the beach a couple of weeks ago. I went with a group of friends and Emi was the only horse. She was excellent,  not concerned about being alone. Luckily for me she considers people part of her herd so she was happy to walk along with the rest of us. The weather was amazing and my friends got a chance to ride too. Emi was perfect, sweet as could be and her normal trustworthy self. It was a wonderful day! 


  1. She looks like she really enjoys it out there!

  2. Hey Guys

    This post is more a tribute to the horse, and not so much the riders, as so often is the case these days.

    This is a list of the top 10 equine money earners for 2018. I've included the amount each horse has won as well as their win rate, and an image so you can see who they are.




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