Rozzy Ridge

Rozzy Ridge is a 1992 thoroughbred gelding out of Slewdledo. I first purchased him when he was 11 years old. At the time I had a thoroughbred mare, Sassy, that was injured so my trainer and I purchased Roz as a summer project. Coincidentally, before we bought him, he was boarded at my current barn, before I even boarded there.

We were told some weird story of how someone had bought a cow and the horse (Roz) came with it. The lady who owned him was moving and was actually kind of scared of him too. We purchased him for $600 and rode him for about 6 months. At the time I really wasn't attached to him. He was/is kind of cranky and at 15.2hh I thought he was too small. My farrier commented that I should sell Sassy and keep Roz, but of course I didn't listen. We sold him to a family that lived about an hour away from us. The family that bought him knew my Grandparents, and we stayed in touch.

June 2006 I met back up with Roz. His family was moving to Arizona and could not take him along. At this point I had sold Sassy, and was looking for my next horse. I again thought he was too small, and at 14 I was thinking that he was too old as well. I did decide to take him for a spin before making a final decision. When I went to ride him he had a bad cut on his left hock and he was lame. I was able to take him on trial for a month to decide if I was interested in keeping him and also to see how well his injury would heal.

After the first month I still wasn't sure but asked if they would like me to sell him for them. I took him to a boarding stable and began to take lessons on him. I quickly realized that I needed him for my next horse. His laid back personality and willingness to work were just what I was looking for. I started eventing on him, a first for both of us, and we loved it! Coming from a hunter/jumper barn I was shocked the first time we took him out cross country and I saw the kind of stuff he needed to be able to jump. Thankfully, Roz thought it was no problem and off we went. We spent 2 years showing together at various local horse shows and one day horse trials before entering a recognized 3 day event. Although it went fairly well we received a technical elimination because the whip I used on cross country was too long. That was a disappointing elimination since I didn't even use or need the whip. I had carried it along "just in case." A couple days after the event Roz came up lame with a mild suspensory injury. He spent the summer off, which was just fine since I sent the summer on a combine.
May 2008- Cross country schooling after winning a combined test
Inavale 2008
I put him back to work that fall and ended up meeting a family with a horse loving daughter. From the Fall 2008 to the Spring of 2012 he shared his time with both Erin and I. He was a very good teacher (for the most part). Spring of 2011 he came up lame for several weeks. It was on and off, with no clear cause. After taking him in to the OSU Vet School he was diagnosed with navicular changes in his right front foot. Thankfully, with corrective shoeing he was sound and happy to continue working for another year. March of 2012 he obtained a cut on his cornet band. He came up lame as soon as it happened and even with rest he did not imrpove. After another trip to OSU they determined that although the cut may be aiding in his lameness his navicular changes had progressed. I elected to "retire" him and he lived a happy life at my parents house, babysitting Emi.
Erin and Roz- Fall 2011
Beach Trip-September 2012
March 2015 - 23 years old
Roz was diagnosed with lymphoma on August 30th, 2017, and we said goodbye to him that evening. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. He was a fixture in my life for many years and will be dearly missed.

25 and feeling fine (Spring 2017)
Accomplishments with Roz:
  • May 2007- 6th place, Intro with a dressage score of 47.9 Combined test Inavale
  • June 2007- 2nd place, Training test 2 with a 65.7%, 4th place Training test 3 with a 63% Devonwood Blue Ribbon Schooling Show
  • September 2007- 1st place, Intro with a dressage score of 35.3 One day horse trial Inavale
  • September 2007- 2nd place, Novice with a dressage score of 31.5 One day horse trial LOH
  • April 2008- 1st place Training test 3 with a 61.2%, 2nd place in Training test 4 with a 62.4% at ODS Dressage for the Ages
  • April 2008- 2nd place, Novice with a dressage score of 38 Combined test LOH
  • May 2008- 1st place, Beginner Novice with a dressage score of 33.2 Combined test Inavale
  • June 2008- 2nd place, Novice with a dressage score of 33 One day horse trial LOH

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